Speed Server

Village X Y Unit Type T. Sq. (0-20) Duration Departure Time Departure Date

This tool is intended to assist attack coordinators in planning their attacks. Use it as follows:

1. Enter the target coordinates of the victim at the top, and optionally enter the intended arrival time of all the troops (the seconds are optional). The date is also optional, but note that a date without a time will be ignored. NB - Americans, note the required date format, dd/mm/yy
2. Enter the coordinates and unit types of all the attacking players. The name is optional, but helps to avoid confusion.
3. If known, enter the tournament square level of each attacker.
4. Press "Calculate". The travel times of all the attackers will be displayed, and if you entered the optional arrival time (and date), the proposed departure time (and date) of each player will be displayed.

Note that you can keep making adjustments and pressing "Calculate" - no information will be lost.

Feature requests/bug reports to "quantumf AT schedule7 DOT com" (you can figure out the actual address)

Latest Updates

2009-04-10 - Removed travian 2/3 distinction, added speed server option
2009-03-29 - Added an arrival date option (along with a departure date), default to Travian v3
2006-12-18 - Update distance calculation to account for travian v3 tournament square rules